Certainly not an exhaustive list of ideas but they certainly help us:

  • When you exchange Business Cards with People you meet – write down where and when you met them on the back!
  • Always pass referrals wherever possible… pay it forward! As Anthony Robbins the development speaker says ‘The law of reciprocation will tip in your favour!
  • Describe your product or service succinctly and eloquently – practice your 30 second ‘Elevator’ pitch….
  • Do not remain with friends or associates at networking events…. mingle and spend less than 10 minutes with any one individual… you can always arrange a follow up meeting!
  • When you say you will… Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!
  • Listen and ask W questions…. Who, what,where,when and why???
  • Try to assume the role of a Host during events… never the guest!
  • Try to have networking tools on you at all times… Business Cards, information, diary, electronic diary etc… its your business in its mobile form!
  • Goalsetting for numbers of new prospects at a meeting is paramount!