Some quick facts for you to consider before looking through our site:

  • 98% of businesses rely on referrals to gain new business
  • Only 3% of businesses have a strategy for referrals!
  • Referrals is what this club is about.

We originally formed this club to provide a platform for businesses in the Bristol area to pass business referrals to other businesses. Most people would agree that it’s much easier to do business with someone that has been referred to them by someone that they trust.

And thats how we operate. If a member knows of a company that has a requirement for a service they put them in touch with one of our other members who can provide that service.

Really Simple and very successful!

Why would you want join breakfast networking group?

Getting up early, needing to put your “business head” on at 7.00 in the morning, having to be polite when you would rather be in bed, having to stand up and tell people about your business – doesn’t sound much like fun… Well, those are the negatives which we have heard on a number of occasions.

How about the Positives:

    • Receiving referred business of in excess of £50K per year (more than one member)
    • Starting the day prepared for business
    • Meeting a diverse group of friendly, helpful people
    • Focusing on your business and how others can help you
    • Being introduced to key contacts
    • Receiving training on business development and managing your business
    • Access to helpful business bankers

These are just a few reasons why we joined Bristol Breakfast Networking group.

We have a lot to offer you – why not come and find out?

Contact our membership coordinator Matt Richardson –