We meet at 6.30am where we network informally for 15 minutes until breakfast is served at 6.45am. We enjoy breakfast and catch up on everyone’s Business over the previous 2 weeks for half and hour until 7.15am.

Businesspeople having a lunch break.

At 7.15 we roll into a quick 1 minute update on each others businesses and two 6 minute speaker slots – fun and enjoyable not strict & stressful.

This year we have mixed it up to include a ‘member focus’ session – helping our members communicate to the group how their business functions and allow the members to get to know them better, presenting their business to prospective clients while out and about.

We help members to present their businesses informally with friendly encouragement and banter – we know what public speaking can do to some people… we’ve all been there!

The rest of the meeting is spent catching up on our groups development and importantly but not essential every week – referrals. We find the more relaxed approach to this encourages more business… and the formula is working!


Come and join us at our next meeting…. 😉