Our physical Bristol Breakfast Networking group – BBN, is growing…

We stand at at 38 members (as of 20th June 2017) and want to reach reach 45 before branching out to create more groups in the Bristol area and other regions nationally.

Our formula works and we’d be delighted to help grow other Breakfast Networking clubs around the country using our tried and tested formula over the past 15 years.

We are currently looking to fill the following membership categories:

  1. Physical Trainer
  2. Yoga Instructor
  3. Plumber
  4. Dance Instructor
  5. Pilot
  6. Air Stewardess
  7. Vison Technician (Window Cleaner)

Contact our membership coordinator Matt Richardson – MR@breakfastnetworking.org if you would like to apply for membership or to start a group for yourself in another part of Bristol or other city?